Mission Statement

Tactical Services provides cutting-edge training and services that have been proven in various operational environments. Our team is made up of prior military and law-enforcement professionals, each with specific attributes that add to the team's procifiency. Our primary concern is the client and exceeding that client's expectations; through professionalism, quality of service and attention to detail.

In today’s society violent crime and the increased threat of domestic terrorism has placed a demand on Law Enforcement and the military for a swift response. That response can only come in the form of pro-active organizations and specialized units. These organizations and units must be properly trained, equipped, and organized in a manner that will provide them the absolute best opportunity for success.

Over the years the Law Enforcement community has begun to form a relationship with the special units and operators within the US Military. Both active duty and former operators have begun to share the knowledge needed to achieve the afore mentioned success. This relationship is critical as we move toward a positive future and begin to establish control over the ever-growing seriousness of these threats.

At Tactical Services, we are prepared to provide the “opportunities” needed, along with continued support after the fact. We are a company designed to provide experience, knowledge, patience, and desire to train the individual based on his or her level of experience, knowledge, patience, and desire. We don't push fancy names, personalities, or other gimmicks commonly found among other organizations.

Bottom line - we provide success. We want you to know that you have the most up to date knowledge and experience to handle any situation that may arise.

We are a company that is dedicated to you, the individual. We will be there even after the job is complete. A staff of operators, law enforcement officers, and members of our military commit themselves to a company based on experience, loyalty, and trust. We will not fail you...


  Tactical Security Services

With the increase in crime throughout the nation, personal and property security is of the utmost importance. Here at Tactical Services we provide a wide-variety of security services specifically tailored to our client's needs. Be it restricted access, roving patrols or fixed site security, we provide the highest-quality security services.

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  Tactical Training Services

Tactical Services is the company that will provide YOU with reality-based tactical training. We specialize in training Military and Law Enforcement agencies with modern training that prepares them to deal with modern threats. Our instructors have been there, as each member of our team has law- enforcement and/or military experience. That means we provide "real world" training through "real world" experience.

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